High quality results from long-term development work

R-taso Oy´s annual re-certification of quality management systems has been successful. The certification included approval for ISO 3834, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 i.e., for quality and environmental management systems and welding quality system. The certificates awarded by DNV confirm R-taso being a high-quality project operator and a reliable partner. The company´s efficiency in designing and manufacturing processes of steel structures reflects to customer benefits as smooth project management.

Mindset of continuous improvement

We have worked for over a decade for quality management and development of operations and processes and our focus is now more in development than in blocking deviations.

The essential point in long term quality development is in transferring everything to customer benefits. Due to developing the operational and process qualities customers gain shorter delivery times, higher quality products and excellent project management, says the CEO Ville Törmänen. We deliver our customers certified high-quality expert services.

“We see that the meaning of standards and certifications is to affirm our mindset of continuous improvement, says Törmänen.”

R-taso emphasizes sustainable choices in all our operations and solutions. In environmental points of view we highlight the meaning of carbon footprint and reusability. We are the first operator in our business who can offer footprint calculations of each tailored products that we design and manufacture.

Work safety is the cornerstone of our business, in addition to valuing high service and management quality. We have acted as experts in various working groups improving industrial safety and we are Finland´s representative in the global EN ISO 14122 walkway safety standardization group.

SSAB and R-taso believe in sustainability in a successful business

SSAB and R-taso believe that sustainability is the foundation of a successful business. Read SSAB´s customer case about our long-term cooperation towards more sustainable steel structures in the link.

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Greetings from Belgium

Our customer CTC Tankbouw in Belgium shared great pictures of a tank with platforms and ladders we delivered. Looking good!

Thanks to modular product structure, the walkway products are easily tailored to target’s needs and the assembly is easy and fast. Check the tank’s journey to its destination from our customer’s link!

What our customers say: 95 % would buy again

R-taso conducts annually an extensive customer satisfaction survey. The latest survey was carried out in the beginning of 2020. The respondents of this year’s survey consisted of a thorough cross-section of our customers from the food, mining, forestry, paper, construction and chemical industries, as well as of other industrial operators and design consultancies.

We thank our customers for the valuable feedback!

95 % of the respondents would buy again from R-taso. Moreover, 97 % would also recommend us.

Evaluation of R-taso’s operations

As part of the customer satisfaction survey, our customers rated our operations in nine main categories on a scale from 0 to 4 (4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = neutral, 1 = poor, 0= no experience).

In eight of the nine categories, our customers gave our operations a rating between good and very good: quality of design services (3,44), project management know-how (3,3), ease of purchase (3,36) and cooperation (3,43), delivery time (3,15), delivery reliability (3,42), expertise in industrial safety (3,38) as well as the quality of our solutions (3,52).

The only area of our operations that received a rating below 3,00 was the price of our solutions, rated 2,83. Because our projects always include both preliminary and detail design for the same price, the customer will save a great deal from design costs by contacting us before preliminary design even begins. At the same time, the project itself will benefit from the start from the intelligent modular structure of R-taso’s industrial walkway products, which will in turn enable further savings from the total cost of the project. This is how we are able to offer the best industrial safety solutions in the world with an excellent price/quality ratio.

The cost efficiency of our solutions is further accentuated by the exceptionally long lifecycles of our products, allowing for flexible reuse of our modular walkways when there are changes to the facility layout.

Customer experience in different parts of the project

The customer satisfaction survey also included an evaluation of customer experience in three parts of the project delivery as well as with regard to key product-related factors. This evaluation was carried out in 16 different categories, on a scale from 0 to 4.

Our customers rated their experience of different parts of the project delivery consistently between good and very good, in each of the 16 categories. In the offer phase, the highlights included the information content and the clarity of our offer materials (3,41) as well as our offers’ accurate correspondence with the customer RFQs (3,42). In the design phase, top ratings were given to ease of cooperation (3,48) as well as to our designers’ technical expertise and advice (3,49). In the installation phase, the best categories included the clarity of installation drawings (3,35), ease of installation (3,36) and the adjustability of our products (3,24). Out of the key product-related factors, product quality (3,55), the technical features of our products (3,44) and the packaging of the products during delivery (3,33) received the highest ratings.

We will conduct the next satisfaction survey during 2021.

Read also about R-taso’s sustainability and carbon footprint.

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Early 2020 was very active and busy for us at R-taso. Despite the exceptional times we are living, we have had the privilege to deliver interesting projects and our products all over the world.

Moreover, in the beginning of 2020, we had our production’s carbon footprint calculated. We are now able to provide carbon footprint calculations of our industrial walkway solutions to our customers alongside product offers. Read our newsletter online!

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PRESS RELEASE: Clever design of R-taso’s industrial walkway solutions significantly reduces their carbon footprint

A specialist in design and manufacture of industrial walkway solutions, R-taso has calculated the carbon footprint of the company’s production. The majority of the Raahe-based, family-owned company’s production footprint results from the use of steel as the main raw material. Thanks to clever design, the amount of steel R-taso’s products require is more than 30 % smaller, which reduces the carbon footprint by a third when compared to competing industrial walkway solutions by more traditional manufacturers. With the fresh data in hand, R-taso is looking into providing carbon footprint calculations to customers alongside their product offers. The carbon footprint calculations have been carried out by Macon, experts in bio and circular economy.

– R-taso specialises in demanding industrial environments, wherefore the reliability and safety of the walkways is a key aspect guiding production. This does not prevent the sensible use of materials nor taking the ecological viewpoint into consideration. The clever, modular structure of our products means we use just the right amount of raw material in the right places, explains CEO Ville Törmänen from R-taso.

– The clever design of R-taso walkways accounts for raw material savings of over 30%. The difference to traditional structures is substantial, Mr Törmänen adds.

– Our design principles also allow for climate benefits in logistics. The modular structure means our products can be loaded on to cargo containers more densely. As an example, emission reductions of a shipment to Uruguay come to roughly 150 tonnes when compared to the shipping of more traditional solutions. This is equivalent to driving a diesel car over 400,000 kilometres, explains Mr Törmänen.

When it comes to steel as a raw material, its origin accounts for a significant share of the product’s final carbon footprint. European steel production, regulated by the EU, represents the low-emission end, and SSAB’s carbon dioxide emissions, for example, are even lower than the EU average, by 7 per cent.1) Steel produced in China, on the other hand, represents the high-emission end.

– To curb emissions, another aspect we can influence, is the origin of the raw material. R-taso acquires its raw materials from European suppliers, who have the smallest carbon footprint in the world. Much of the raw material we use comes from SSAB’s Raahe plant, an environmental pioneer. Choosing steel produced domestically or in the EU is a responsible choice, not only environmentally but also socially, Mr Törmänen says. 

Find out more about our carbon footprint

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1) SSAB Group, Sustainability Expedition, https://www.ssab.com/company/sustainability