Supporting our new sponsor athlete

When aiming for success, the best and most safe solutions are needed, whether we are talking about world-class sports or walkway solutions. R-taso has decided to participate in supporting the young athlete Saara Keskitalo in 2024 on her journey to the top of Finnish all-round athletics. Saara is R-taso´s new sponsor athlete and we want to encourage her in her career.

Saara Keskitalo is on the peak of Finnish women´s 100 metre hurdles, where she has achieved Finnish championship medals during three years already. Saara is now focusing fully on her athletics´ career and she is aiming to European championships. We are proud of our new partnership – welcome to R-taso´s team Saara!

Sports teach us many values: endurance, discipline and teamwork. These values are shared also in R-taso´s team. We believe that success depends not only on how we work, but also on how we can encourage and support others. We are proud to encourage a young athlete. With this support we also want to commit to inlfuencing the society in a positive way.

Safe trainings to Saara! Let´s work our way to success!