Stair tower delivery to Valmet Tampere

Valmet needed an easier access to roof for maintenance purposes on their Yrittäjänkatu premises in Tampere. The site had an old stair in use, which needed to be replaced with a stair tower supported on the building.

Our designer visited the site and the best location for the stair tower and it´s intended use was found with mutual agreement. The loads for the stair tower´s fixings were calculated by R-taso and approved by the customer. R-taso delivered also the installation of the solution. Our installation service is an option, which the customer can choose if needed. Projects that include installation are handed to customers as ready-to-use solutions. R-taso uses experienced partners for the installation service.

Drawings or main measurements of the target are enough to start the planning, and R-taso´s designers can visit the site to take measurements if needed. In Valmet´s project the stair tower with two columns was supported to the existing building. Our product range also has a ready solution of a free-standing stair tower with four columns. Our experts always recommend the best solution according to the site´s requirements.

R-taso´s solutions are always designed according to target´s needs and we take care of all standard requirements and safety issues. Our customers always also receive the 3D models of the solutions.

The cooperation in Valmet´s project was smooth, the designing work was flexible and our designing took care of all necessary changes during the project. The customer received a safe and functional solution.

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