Our design service optimizes industrial walkways for your facility

Design service is included in our deliveries, providing you with expert solutions, quality 3D models and finished products. We have a consistently high level of customer satisfaction and pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.

Based on our more than 35 years of experience in design and manufacture of industrial walkways and platforms, we have developed our own automated 3D planning system which optimizes our modular walkway solution – the R-taso Modular System® – to the specific needs of your factory or other facility. This is why we are able to provide you with solutions that will integrate seamlessly into your site.

Automated planning system and the R-taso design service 

Our design service utilizes our 3D planning system which is based on R-taso Modular System® and our industrial walkway solutions. Our experts will design an optimal walkway solution for your facility in accordance with the requirements of the EN ISO 14122 standard.

Our design service covers all steps from pre-planning to creating full installation drawings. Main measurements of the site are enough for the planning to begin. Our design service can include also measurements on site depending on the agreement. The planning system creates an intelligent 3D model based on the site’s main measurements. All EN ISO 14122 safety requirements are automatically taken into account by our system.

Our automated planning system enables a 3D model of the platform solution to be quickly produced. This enables, for example, an easy collision inspection in the factory layout model. All necessary modifications are easy to notice and effortless to execute in the 3D model. Due to the modular structure of our products, our walkway solutions can always be designed and adjusted to each site’s specific requirements.

Benefits of the R-taso design service

Better design

Thanks to the advanced planning system about 70% of design work can be automated. The resources that are freed from routine planning can then be directed to more important design aspects, such as industrial safety and creating the optimal industrial walkway solution for your facility.

Easier comparison

The 3D models that we provide with our price offers make cost comparison of different solutions easier and help estimating the total project costs.

Delivery reliability

Due to automatization we have top-class delivery reliability. The 3D planning system is integrated to our production and the design data is automatically transferred to production site.

Shorter supply chain

Automated planning combined with advanced production processes shortens the supply chain for our industrial walkways. A shorter supply chain means the customer will benefit from lower total costs, better project management and clear responsibilities. A shorter chain also makes the delivery faster and requires less management and man-hours from the customer.

Competitive price

Design service is included in the R-taso product prices. There is no need for overlapping planning or separate tender offers. The price for design and manufacture is clear from the start which makes budgeting and purchasing easier.

Installation service adds the finishing touches to an optimal walkway solution

Modular structure makes installation easier and enables using your own maintenance personnel or local installation companies. We can offer you solutions also installed on site. We use R-taso certified installation companies which guarantees a professional finishing for the project.

Safety surveys for checking and solving challenges on site

We offer our customers also safety consultancy. In the survey tours we check site-specific safety challenges, help with prioritization and give a budget for costs and advise a timetable for making the necessary safety improvements. Safety surveys are carried out together with the site’s personnel, and they are a popular and recognized tool for HSEQ personnel’s work.


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