Tank stairs – safe way to move around tank farms

Tanks stairs are a solution developed for the demanding working environment at tank farms. The product development work has taken the demanding circumstances and high safety requirements at tank farms into account in particular.

Main measurements of the tank are enough to start the planning. Due to automated 3D planning system a 3D model and measurement data are quickly available. The tank can be equipped with suitable fittings and fixing plates already in the manufacture phase.

In order to maximize work safety, tank stairs are always implemented with straight stairs and railings on both sides. Measuring and maintenance work will always be conducted safely from platforms designed on intended points.

Due to adjustable bracketing structure solutions are suitable both for new tanks and for modernizing existing tanks. In modernization work we also take of all contemporary work safety standards into account.

Material of the tank stairs is usually galvanized pr stainless steel. For special circumstances we can design the tank stairs with safety gratings and steps with safety edges.


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R-taso designs and manufactures safe walkway solutions for your target. The products fulfill EN ISO 14122 standard´s requirements and are CE-marked according to EN 1090.

The modular structure enables a millimeter-wise tailoring. Installation is quick and easy with no special tools needed, due to bolted connections there is no welding or patch painting on site.

The modular structure and adjustable fixing solutions allow installation tolerances even in challenging environments.