Stair towers – For demanding industrial use

Our stair towers are developed for professional use – for demanding circumstances where work safety cannot be compromised.

Our stair towers are always designed according to measurements on site and the intended use of the stair tower. Thanks to our automated 3D planning system, we can quickly provide you with a 3D model and all the necessary measurement data. Our design engineers are specialized in demanding steel structures and will ensure the optimal stair tower solution to your needs. With us, you always receive a 3D model of the solution.

We only need a few main measurements to begin planning a stair tower solution for your specific needs. The standard structure is designed with two columns. The free-standing option is designed with four columns. Our adjustable modular structure always takes installation tolerances into account.

Stair towers are installed with bolted connection without welding or patch painting on site.

35 years of experience in designing steel structures for demanding environments

We have a solid track record in designing steel structures for demanding environments, and have delivered stair towers reaching over 70 meters in height. In addition to safety, we emphasize high quality, total costs and efficient delivery times. Our automated 3D planning system is integrated to our production, which guarantees quick and efficient deliveries.

We deliver our stair towers to customers all over the world. The clever modular design of our structural solutions ensures efficient logistics.

The surface treatment options of our stair towers include galvanized and stainless steel. For special requirements, we can design stair towers with safety gratings and steps with safety nooses. Our stair towers are designed to allow easy transportation of pipes and cables.

The safest and the most cost-efficient way to solve lighting needs in the stair tower is our ergonomic, awarded, pivotable lamp post. The stair towers can be equipped already in production with suitable connection points.


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R-taso designs and manufactures safe industrial platforms and walkways for your site. Our products fulfill the requirements of the EN ISO 14122 standard and are CE marked according to EN 1090.

The modular structure enables millimeter-accurate tailoring. Installation is quick and easy with no special tools needed, and thanks to bolted connections, there is no need for welding or patch painting on site.

The modular structure and adjustable fixing solutions allow installation tolerances even in challenging environments.