Movable working platform for versatile purposes

Movable platforms are designed for locations where fixed stairs are not an option.

Movable safety and accessibility

The movable platform is always designed based on exact site measurements and the intended use of the platform.

The delivery always includes a 3D model of the finished solution.

The platforms have a sturdy steel structure and locking wheels.

The materials are galvanized and stainless steel.


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R-taso designs and manufactures safe industrial platforms and walkways for your site. Our products fulfill the requirements of the EN ISO 14122 standard and are CE marked according to EN 1090.

The modular structure enables millimeter-accurate tailoring. Installation is quick and easy with no special tools needed, and thanks to bolted connections, there is no need for welding or patch painting on site.

The modular structure and adjustable fixing solutions allow installation tolerances even in challenging environments.