Mezzanine gate – for safer loading and storage

Mezzanine gate was developed to improve work safety especially in warehouses and in loading work.

Mezzanine gate prevents access to platform’s edge during loading work in two different levels and minimizes risks of falling accidents. The gate acts as a physical access barrier in both working positions.

The mechanism is easy to use manually as the joints are equipped with bearings. The gate is delivered either assembled  or to be assembled on site. The fixing to floor is made with either anchor bolts or hexagonal bolts. Measurements are for FIN and EUR pallets. Materials are galvanized or stainless steel.

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R-taso designs and manufactures safe walkway solutions for your target. The products fulfill EN ISO 14122 standard´s requirements and are CE-marked according to EN 1090.

The modular structure enables a millimeter-wise tailoring. Installation is quick and easy with no special tools needed, due to bolted connections there is no welding or patch painting on site.

The modular structure and adjustable fixing solutions allow installation tolerances even in challenging environments.