Ladders – for demanding industrial use

Ladders are developed especially for demanding industrial everyday use.

Ladders are always designed according to target´s measurements. Main measurements are enough to start the planning. The delivery always includes a 3D model of the finished product. Due to our automated 3D planning system the 3D models for ladders can be delivered swiftly.

In the development work we have paid special attention to the industrial design of the ladder´s rung, in order to improve work safety. The rung has an anatomically correct profile for good grip and safety nooses, which guarantee a good hold in all weather conditions and industrial environments. Our innovative rung design has been adopted as a part of the international EN ISO 14122 walkway standard as the optimal solution for industry.

Ladders are designed with resting platforms and back guard according to standard requirements. Our ladders are always equipped with a spring-loaded safety gate as per standard requirements. The upper step guarantees a safe access and exit from the ladders.

Modular ladders are easy to install with bolted connections without welding or patch painting. Due to wide range of fixing solutions the ladders can be fixed to various wall and tank materials and with floor fixings. The sturdy special profile of the ladders´ frame enables long supporting spans. Due to adjustable fixings the installation is effortless and quick.

Main materials are galvanized and stainless steel.


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R-taso designs and manufactures safe walkway solutions for your target. The products fulfill EN ISO 14122 standard´s requirements and are CE-marked according to EN 1090.

The modular structure enables a millimeter-wise tailoring. Installation is quick and easy with no special tools needed, due to bolted connections there is no welding or patch painting on site.

The modular structure and adjustable fixing solutions allow installation tolerances even in challenging environments.