Safe walkway solutions with R-taso’s products

Safety is the most important quality in walkway products. You can improve work safety by choosing the right walkway solution for your target. Our experts will design the best solution for your use with our modular solutions.

Due to modular structure all our products are compatible with each other and enable designing large entities that are also adapt for modifications. We design both for building new and modernizing existing factories, according to your needs.

We are your one-stop-shop for safe walkway solutions. We design, manufacture and install according to you needs.


Our products meet the requirements of industry standard SFS-EN ISO 14122. We have the right to CE Mark our products according to  EN 1090, as well as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 3834 sertificates.




Stair towers

Tank stairs


Maintenance platforms


Safety gates

Maintenance gates

Lamp posts

Movable working platforms

Mezzanine gate

Benefits of modular structure

Solutions can be individually designed, millimeter-wise
Easy and quick installation with no need for special tools
Short delivery times
Installation with bolted connections; no welding or patch painting
Structure is light-weight and durable
Minimal space required in transportation and storage
Separate frame structure enables long supporting spans
Modification and reuse of structures is easy

Surface treatment

The main surface treatment of the steel structures is hot-dip galvanizing according to standard EN ISO 1461. Galvanizing gives our products good corrosion protection and endurance in demanding industrial environments.

Galvanized surface sustains the mechanical stresses of transportation and installation without damage. The galvanized structures can also be delivered painted.

We deliver also stainless steel structures for environments demanding high corrosion resistance.