High quality results from long-term development work

R-taso Oy´s annual re-certification of quality management systems has been successful. The certification included approval for ISO 3834, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 i.e., for quality and environmental management systems and welding quality system. The certificates awarded by DNV confirm R-taso being a high-quality project operator and a reliable partner. The company´s efficiency in designing and manufacturing processes of steel structures reflects to customer benefits as smooth project management.

Mindset of continuous improvement

We have worked for over a decade for quality management and development of operations and processes and our focus is now more in development than in blocking deviations.

The essential point in long term quality development is in transferring everything to customer benefits. Due to developing the operational and process qualities customers gain shorter delivery times, higher quality products and excellent project management, says the CEO Ville Törmänen. We deliver our customers certified high-quality expert services.

“We see that the meaning of standards and certifications is to affirm our mindset of continuous improvement, says Törmänen.”

R-taso emphasizes sustainable choices in all our operations and solutions. In environmental points of view, we highlight the meaning of carbon footprint and reusability. We are the first operator in our business who can offer footprint calculations of each tailored products that we design and manufacture.

Work safety is the cornerstone of our business, in addition to valuing high service and management quality. We have acted as experts in various working groups improving industrial safety and we are Finland´s representative in the global EN ISO 14122 walkway safety standardization group.