Feedback from our customer survey

Feedback from our customer survey

R-taso´s annual customer satisfaction survey was done in January, thank you for your feedback and comments!

97% will use our services and products again

96% would recommend us forward

We asked for feedback about cooperation, offer and design phases, products and about installation service.

Picks from your open feedback:

Thirty years we have been working together! And still going strong!

Keep up the good work and let´s keep our great cooperation in bloom.

It´s great to work with you and our partnership that has developed during these decades is especially important to us. Together we will be strong in the future too for sure!

Memorable and long cooperation, trustworthy.

It´s easy to work with a reliable partner.

You are doing a great and responsible work. An exemplary partner.

In R-taso´s service you gave the highest scores to quality of 3D design service, to effortless purchasing and to easy cooperation.

Picks from your feedback on our service:

You work well in this special business field. Designing is efficient and fast. It leaves me more time for my own work tasks. The deliveries also arrive on promised time table.

Coperation with R-taso´s designer was really smooth.

Easy and safe partner.

Fast and customer-oriented.

Professional work from professional personnel.

The package we received was packed according to correct installation order. Well done!

In the offer phase you appreciated the most how fast you get our offers. In the design phase you gave the best scores to expertise in 3D design and in technical consultation and the easiness of cooperation.

Picks from your feedback in offer and design phase:

Project management and our cooperation during the project went really well. All changes and additions were effortless to make during the project.

All needed information and changes to the plans were done with a fast timetable.

Very good. Familiar designers, who are very easy to work with.

3D design is high-quality and fast.

In our products you scored best the quality and technical qualities. In installations you gave the best score to easy installation of the products.

Picks from your feedback on products and installation:

Products work very well for their designed use. There´s no need to subcontract these products to “mix-and-match workshops”.

High-quality products, to a really competitive price.

Excellent service, things get done how promised!

Installations were carried out really well!

Work was done well and with routine. Outcome was good. The personnel followed given instructions well.

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