R-taso – passionate expert of safety

R-taso is a family-owned company specialized in 3D design and manufacture of industrial walkway solutions.

We design and manufacture industrial walkway solutions with over 30 years of experience. Our clientele comprises of various industrial branches, leading suppliers of machinery and equipment and tank manufacturers all over the world. We deliver our products globally.

Contemporary know-how

We have acted as experts in various standardization working groups improving industrial safety. We have participated e.g. in compiling the global EN ISO 14122 walkway safety standard. We have long-term cooperation e.g. with the University of Oulu and Finnish Institution of Occupational Health to improve industrial safety. We also arrange regular training for work safety professionals.

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by our product development work, our expert services and our highly automated 3D planning tools. We have the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 3834 certificates and our products are CE marked according to EN 1090. All our walkway solutions fulfill the requirements of the EN ISO 14122 standard.

Ambition to improve industrial safety

We invest in improving the end user’s safety with an ambitious attitude. In product development we consider the products´ whole life cycle – design, manufacture, installation and later modifiability and reuse possibilities.

Our R-taso Modular System® structure enables individual and millimeter-wise design of the walkway solutions, planning exactly according to the customer´s needs. Due to advanced structures our products are quick and easy to install. Finished details and special profiles increase safety in our products.

Individual service

We ensure our customers that our walkways are safe and according to all standards. Our customer receives an illustrative design material quickly and in a proper format due to our automated 3D planning system. 3D Modelling is fast, and the 3D models can be added straight to customer´s factory model. Automatization ensures short delivery times.


R-taso – Your one-stop-shop for safe industrial walkway solutions.